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Our brands

The brand for premium quality Algarve citrus fruits

Gomo stands for excellent fruit that grows in our orchards.
It embodies the juiciest varieties, the most delicious grades and the most intense flavours. It is a seal for our added value citrus fruits and certifies their origin.


Varieties sold with the GOMO brand:

Oranges – Navelina, Newhall, Lanelate, Valência Late, D. João
Clementines – Fina, Tango
Tangerines – Ortanique

The brand for the Algarve’s organic citrus fruits

Biogomo is dedicated to our organically produced citrus fruits. Over the last few years, we have expanded the production of organic fruit, to meet consumer concerns. Organic citrus fruits, with the same flavour and intensity.


Varieties sold with the BIOGOMO brand:

Oranges – Navelina