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Our services

We undertake to offer a sustainable business model, in close proximity to the producers, with a guiding principle that is common to the different production stages: from preparing the land to fertilising and disinfecting the orchards, from irrigating and pruning to harvesting and transporting our fruit.

Besides a technical team who give ongoing advice on the ground, we provide our members with a pool of farming machinery handled by operators with proper training, who ensure compliance with the rules of Integrated Production, in line with sustainable farming.


These services are provided throughout the Algarve region, in the municipalities where Frusoal’s orchards are located.

Technical visits to the producers

Provision of farming services

Lease and operation of orchards

Our technical team

We have over 100 professionals, scattered across different areas. Highly specialised labour, including agricultural engineers who apply technical knowledge on the ground.
Get to know our agricultural engineers.

Angélica Pedro

Edite Luz

Marta Afonso

Nuno Rolaça

Sandra Gonçalves

Silvino Oliveira

Valter Reis